I am a woman of 67 years.  Since having my first child at age 21 I broke out with Cystic Acne  and went years before I could find someone to deal with this very troubling issue.  Needless to say, I was left with pock marks and scarring and a continued oily skin which lends itself to blackheads and pimples.

I was blessed about ten years ago to discover Connie Swan and together we have attacked this issue head on.  I would not trust another with my skin-care as it's so delicate in that one wrong product could make my face look like a road map of red marks.  Connie has led me gently down the road to products that have helped in many many ways, decreased oil production, attacked the aging issue and when one has problem skin as I do,  this only lends itself to aging faster.  Connie is so up to date on the latest products and skin care procedure .  I am in awe of her vast knowledge.  I know she goes to bed at night reading manuals on new products and machines and stays on top of an ever changing  market.  I try to give her best sellers to read and she tells me she's reading her books on products and machines.  That is dedication and I cannot say I know of any other like her.


Charleen Wiseman

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